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The Critical Editor

The Critical Editor™ (ISSN 2637-5176) is the first of its kind—an online literary journal devoted exclusively to crowd-sourcing critical editions. Published by Annotated™ and managed by its editorial team, The Critical Editor seeks contributions from established and aspiring scholars to build editions of literary works and make them freely available online in order to remove economic barriers to understanding and appreciating literature.  To view our current CFP, click here

Critical editions produced by The Critical Editor typically include the following contents:

  • Foreword

  • Introduction

  • Author Chronology

  • Biographical Sketch of the Author

  • A Note on the Text

  • The Annotated Text

  • Discussion Questions/Writing Prompts

  • Illustrations or Maps (if applicable)

  • Manuscript Excerpts

If you are interested in contributing to The Critical Editor's mission to make literary resources freely available online, please consult our Call for Papers. If you would like to contribute to an edition of a work for which we are not currently soliciting contributions, please email us at to register your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Essays and Articles on the Text

  • Contemporary Reviews of the Text

  • Author Letters and/or Journal Entries

  • Textual Endnotes on Variants

  • Pedagogical Aids

  • Sample Student Papers

  • Selected Bibliography

  • Recommended Audio-visual Resources

  • Acknowledgments

J. Commander

General Editor

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